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Designed for non-expert scientists considering to use VR, Aura presents an easy-to-understand C++ API that extends basic available low-level graphics facilities like OpenGL or Direct3D with scene graph management paradigms and a VR programming framework. In short, Aura deals with the following features:

Currently supported platforms are:

Aura can be extended with VIRPI and CAVEStudy to provide a fully integrated interactive visualization and measuring environment for arbitrary legacy simulation program.

Future plans for Aura include fixing existing bugs, adding new image/model formats, extending the VR framework, and providing bounding-box algorithms to do clipping and preliminary collision detection. Most importantly, Aura will be targeted at PC clusters that drive a tiled display wall, providing the same API for the programmer, but fully using distributed rendering on the cluster.

Related Work

Desmond Germans, Hans J.W. Spoelder, Luc Renambot and Henri E. Bal, "VIRPI: A High-Level Toolkit for Interactive Scientific Visualization in Virtual Reality", Proc. Immersive Projection Technology/Eurographics Virtual Environments Workshop (IPT/EGVE), May 16-18, Stuttgart, Germany, 2001.

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